Dreamweaver: An Must-have for Those Learning Web Design



I own and operate a large variety of websites. Some of them are based on my own personal interests and hobbies, while others are websites that I created for friends and family members. I haven’t always been very web-savvy, but I did what most people do and started from the ground up. It can be easy to jump into a content management system like Joomla or Drupal, but without a basic knowledge of html, you’ll never be able to truly customize your websites. I always recommend that new web designers invest in a copy of Dreamweaver.
About Dreamweaver
Dreamweaver, produced by Adobe, is the leading web design software used in both professional and educational settings. Dreamweaver is available for Windows computers and Mac computers although users will need to make sure to purchase the correct version for their operating system. Dreamweaver can be expensive, running just shy of $400 for the full version, but Adobe offers a free 30-day trial so that users can test the software out before making such a large investment.

Dreamweaver highlights
One of the best things about Dreamweaver is that it caters to all users, whether they are just starting out or are advanced and experienced with web design. Dreamweaver is well laid out, and the help section is very detailed, allowing users to learn how to use the software fairly quickly. There are countless tutorials available on the web to help users further their Dreamweaver skills.

Dreamweaver is very user friendly, and users c an design their website just by looks (clicking, dragging, typing, moving, etc) or they can create their website using coding. The best part, however, is the ability of the user to view both. By viewing both the code and visual appearance of the site, users are more likely to learn and catch on to the code rather than just operating based on looks alone. Many digital marketing agencies use this technique.

Lastly, Dreamweaver has the ability to connect directly to your webhost and update your website files as you change them via a built in ftp client. This makes updating and changing your website a breeze. There isn’t a need to use a separate ftp client, or login to the backend of your website. You can simply click a button to update your entire website after modifying your files.

Dreamweaver may be expensive, but if you plan on working with web design a lot, then it is the absolute best program to learn with.

Where to Find Writing Jobs Online

Need a writing job? Are you a little tired of turning out articles for the same old sites day in and day out? Well, then you definitely need to find a listing of current writing jobs. When you daily check the writing job sites, you may be able to find something a little more creative than what you are doing now. I have ventured from article writing to partake in book reviewing, television recap writing, and keyword article writing. Expanding your writing horizon will not only give you a better looking resume, but it will also help you to keep fresh and not get bored. You can expect to find jobs like ghostwriting, grant writing, e-book writing, and article writing in a different field than you are use to. You may also find some fun writing positions under blog writing and review writing.

Before You Look: There are two things that every freelance writer should be cautious of before they go in search of writing jobs online. The first is that you should not pay for listings. The only exception if it is from a trustworthy site such as Writersdigest.com and the price is yearly. Paying a set fee every month when you are not guaranteed to find work is a foolish move of any writer. People should be paying you to write. I think there are enough listings, even hospitality jobs london content gigs, to find writing jobs online without having to pay a single dime. The second thing you should beware of is bad listings. Usually these writing jobs are posted on sites that anyone can post on. Even though the site is trustworthy and tries its best to keep out bad ads, there still are some. Usually, if it sounds too good to be true or does not have detailed information or a website, an eyebrow should be raised. The best writing jobs to apply for are ones that offer background information about their company, offer thorough information about what kind of writer they need, and then add a site to check or an email to reach them at.

The Sites: To find writing jobs online, I usually stick to two main sources. There are of course many more out there, but this has worked for me. The first site is online-writing-jobs.com It is the baby of freelancewriters.com, which may also have additional job sites. At this site, you are less likely to find a scam then on the next site I will tell you about. Online-writing-jobs.com is split into sections: high paying, low paying, non-paying, and a couple more. You may be surprised to find wonderful writing opportunities in the non-paying section. Usually the non-paying and low paying are the most added to.
The next site I visit regularly for online writing jobs is Craiglist.org (Be careful, mistyping this can lead you to a porn site). You can find the jobs under your city or the option of “anywhere”. After that, you should then see a link that will take you to writing jobs. You may also want to look under creative jobs for related work. What is so great about these sites is that they are free to use and you do not even have to sign up! Some other sites I have not tried are elance.com, mediabistro.com, and journalismjobs.com.

Emo Girl

She wasn’t really that beautiful. She wore glasses, she was small, the heck, she wasn’t even sexy! But then again, I’m not really the type of person who would fall for just good looks alone. It has always been my personal belief that sexy women are just fun to ogle at but not really fun to be a girlfriend.

WHY I FELL IN LOVE WITH HER: We share the same passion for books. We would talk hours and hours about our favorite books. I usually borrow a lot of her books before. We also share the same passion for writing.  She is very funny. Funny in a way that only I can understand. We had several long conversations together and it was something that I really enjoyed about her.


HOW I CONFESSED MY LOVE: love letter. To be honest, it was the most disgusting thing that I have ever written in my entire life. It was in 2nd year that I confessed my love to her. I actually forgot the stuff that I wrote there. Probably a string of disgusting cheesy lines that I am so happy to forget.

HOW SHE REPLIED TO MY CONFESSION: In response to my disgusting love letter, she stopped talking to me and then she got into several relationships with other blokes from other sections. Boys with pea-brains, savage cavemen who have never held a book in their entire lives. It’s actually funny to watch how she struggled to teach one her boyfriends to read Neil Gaiman novels, an author whose writing style is too complicated for an idiot like that guy. Well, she ended up being with this cool expert on hosting ranking and I am dumbfounded.


HOW IT ENDED: Well, we grew up, we parted our own ways, and just minded our own business, I guess. But until now, I’m still hurt about what happened. Although, I’m a little bit happy that her relationship never went well, a tinge of guilt still resides my heart. Somehow I hate myself because I didn’t use the right words and the proper medium to express my love to her. Maybe there were a lot of grammatical errors that’s why she got turned off.  I never know, and sometimes, I wish I knew.

A blogger friend


Gina has the job a 20-something lady would probably envy. She’s not confined in a fixed 9-5pm job, she could work at the comforts of her home, or enjoy a free travel package in Bali, Paris or New York, wear clothes from top brands, and got to have an equally stylish sister at her back while she rises in her own spotlight. “I love my jobmy friend says with delight. Considered as one of the most-followed fashion bloggers today. This lady’s roots on fashion started when she was 15 years old, starting off as an intern for a magazine, and gaining exposure to the field she’s most interested in. She had also landed a few acting and modeling stints before finally focusing on her passion.


“It just snowballed from there,” the petite blogger recalls as she details the steps she took to get to where she is today. “You start off posting and blogging about the things you love. Eventually, when you gain the following,” Gina

says. She adds, “You transition posting about brands and destinations. Then you start influencing and inspiring people to buy them.” This woman, whose style is a fusion of chic and classy,  also get to collaborate with big brands, as well as entrepreneurs (mostly only shops), to advertise their products. Her passion for blogging has got her jetting into different countries, bumping shoulders with fashion icons and brand executives as they talk on possible collaborations and projects.

“We get a lot of free stuff and I get to work with my favorite brands! I love it!” the

She also adds, “I must say, it’s a very fun job! I also get to travel for free!”

She also said she loves tech stuff and doodling in her tabvlet or discovering new stuff like product reviews and gadget reviews like nas server test. nStarts off her day with answering e-mails from her clients and readers, doing a blog post, then attend events and photo shoots—and all these, she does either at the seaside, in Angkor Wat, or at the streets of Tokyo. She says still would want to create my own dreams and goals in the fashion industry. “We have very different jobs even if we’re in the same industry, so I think we actually help each other,” she says, noting that she also likes to create her own book, just like her sister’s.

“I would love to have my own book in the future, but I’d want to create more experiences in the fashion industry and blogging so I can share more knowledge with my readers in the future,” Gina says. And sure to her word, this lady never stops growing as she continues learning from about craft. In her every travels and as she meets people while on the road, Gina does not forget to dig deeper and know more about the culture, and how she could incorporate fashion to her every backdrop. And through her constant learning, Gina aims are also to empower the young through her work.

She adds, “On my blog, I always tell them to experiment with the way they dress until they find their personal style. Because if you find your personal style, you’ll gain confidence and it’ll show.” And with a pool of impressive fashion bloggers with have otfay, the lady still stands out because of her distinct, edgy vibe—style that is uniquely hers.

Chilling at home


Have you ever planned a date night with your partner, only to hear the loud thumping sound of the rain showering your roof just an hour before you’re set to leave? Such a mood wrecker, isn’t it? Fret not as we listed some of the best indoor date ideas you can do at home to save the night. Binge watch television shows: If you’ve heard of the term ‘Netflix and chill,’ this might be the best time to get it on with your partner.

Or if you’re not into it, perhaps you should just watch a whole season of Friends or Game of Thrones while lying under the blanket and feeling each other’s body warmth. Make sure you have checked access point test so you will not have problem with the internet!

Starting a family life


While many would tease my friend was a ladies’ man, he admits that there will still be a point in your life where you feel you need to settle down.

August last year, George tied the knot in a simple civil wedding ceremony with his girlfriend Cecille in the province.

But the past year was welcomed with a challenge for the couple. Mike knows this is just another trial they need to overcome as one. After recovering, his wife needs to go abroad to work too. The baby they have also been praying for was not blessed with them yet.  With all these, Mike believes in the plans of the Lord.   He also still dreams to become a photographer and buy a 360 kamera in the future. When you start documenting, having a 360 camera is one of the first steps.

He is looking forward to the day they can be together again and build the family he has been praying for.

Safe and Secure


It is so satisfying to know that there is such a company which gives you everything you need when it come to storing your prized possessions. It is such a booming industry right now because many people are working remotely, currently traveling, and does not have enough or available storage spaces in the comforts of their home. After self storage costs settlement, I love how one self storage company assures me that my things are well kept, secured, and safe. I once availed three month tenure with them where I can store some of my baking machines while I was away for work. When I got back, I was really surprise that I paid a high quality service I have not found in any other companies. I definitely recommend this company and I recommend people who are always on the go to store their things in a safe and secured spot like self storage spaces.

Time and its importance


Time matters so much to everyone’s lives. I mean, we all need to respect and give time to each other. Time can no longer be bring back once it’s done. And so I truly believe that valuing time is the most important thing we should prioritize. That is why I recommend using watches especially for those busy one. Watches is a must have for everyone—whether you are a work at home mother, a businessman, a student, a budding professional, or just about anyone in the world. Personally, I am currently using this  best wooden watches  I purchased over a month ago over an online shop. I love its design! It is perfect for me, an artist myself, I love how it goes with just about anything in my closet. You see, I am usually the type who just pick on random clothes for the day. I do not matter mix and matching clothes. Which saves time for me. And because I have a hectic schedule, using a watch is really an energy and time saving timepiece for me.

Eternally Grateful


I am so eternally grateful for this amazing, incredible, special Vitamin C serum. This vitamin C serum is the lucky charm that has turned my life around and made everything so much better for me. So, what else can I say about vitamin C serum, I am just honestly so amazed and Incredibly impressed that this amazing thing has been able to do what it has done at work magic and create all sorts of Wonders that I didn’t know where possible. Honestly, this is the best thing that’s ever happened to my face, and my skin, and I didn’t think it would be possible to make the kind of progress that I’ve made in only a few short weeks. Seriously, there’s no sign of slowing down, and my acne scars that I had just assumed we’re going to be part of my life forever after prescription drugs failed to remove them, are so much less noticeable than they’ve ever been, people are looking at me completely different, so I hold myself differently, so people speak to me differently, so it is not a stretch to say that my entire quality of life has improved significantly because of this product. Significantly!

A futuristic approach to shopping

I don’t have a single complaint. Retroactively Lee, I would have complained about the previous editions of Amazon Prime because they were incomplete. That is, that the Canadian version of Amazon Prime was incomplete, because you were constantly comparing it to its in American neighbour. Now come at this time, all I am waiting for is for Amazon to widen its presence in Canada a little more so it can be just as effective as it is in the United States of America. Not to say that the service itself is not as effective, but Amazon has expanded to such a point in the United States where they are able to just order something on Amazon Prime, and have that item be at their house within a couple of hours. And I’m not talking pizza, I’m talking Furniture, appliances, all sorts of things. I know that Amazon is also working with using drones to deliver their goods, and all sorts of artificial intelligence like that, which is also exciting but also nerve-wracking as Society is clearly moving in a New Direction, but inventions like this, as you can tell from this Amazon Prime Canada review, make me see this shift into what was once considered to be futuristic as something that is quite positive. Could I be wrong about this? It’s quite possible that I could be wrong about it.