The Right Day Care Center for Your Children


Caring for toddlers is quite different from caring for babies. They need the same loving and firm care, but they need a much larger place to play as they learn some of the basics of living. Schoolteachers say that preschools are best when they avoid teaching specific subjects and instead teach attitudes that encourage learning. The teachers appreciate children who have been taught to listen, who aren’t afraid to ask questions, who have a lengthening attention span, and who can sit still for a period of time. They also want children to respect the property and rights of other children and the school materials.Toddlers do not need schooling in the academic sense. Their education should cover learning to play and eat with a group, following directions, taking turns and sharing, learning to handle success and failure, obeying authority. Activities should encourage creativity and cooperation, joy and curiosity. Some activities could prepare toddlers for school, but in a very low-key way. Preschools have essential resting or nap times, and parents can help teachers at Teddy Kids Kinderdagverblijf with this part of the day by having the child observe a similar quiet time on weekends. Tell a child that she doesn’t have to sleep, she only has to pretend to sleep. (Most pretenders fall asleep.)
Preschoolers should understand the basic vocabulary used in interacting with others. These words are: yes, no, maybe, please, thank you, now, later, today, tomorrow, come, stay, sit, help, ask, tell, share, give, follow, quiet, pick up, left, right, hello, good-bye, red, yellow, blue, green. I f all children understood the meaning of these thirty words, the school room would be a happier, more efficient learning place! Avoid the school that is pushing a child out of his playtime years. Learning in-advance-of-need often brings on academic burn-out later-and it also means that time has not been spent teaching the basic skills of coordination and socialization.

Learning motor skills, practicing eye-hand coordination, and recognizing similar objects, are more essential for toddlers than attempts to learn to read. The joy of simple accomplishments, patience when things seem difficult, and a sense of success and self-esteem are more important than academic achievements.Before deciding on the school, be sure to ask how children are treated when they misbehave. Although children can live with various methods of discipline (isolation, deprivation), the different methods should not conflict. They should all respect the child’s dignity and intelligence.Some care-givers may not have sufficient child development training to handle discipline effectively. Unfortunately, people who work in day-care are among the poorest paid in the United States.

Top 3 Fusion Beauty Must-Haves


Fusion Beauty is a beauty brand that is sublimely innovative, yet revolutionary and discovers many technological breakthroughs involving make-up and skincare. It is also a brand that challenges the vast majority of beauty quo, making it one of the hottest beauty brands in the world today. I love Fusion Beauty and find it to be a brand that I not only appreciate, but trust highly, as a result. I decided to countdown the top 3 biggest and best Fusion Beauty must-haves.
3. Glow Fusion Micro Nutrient Face amp; Body Natural Tan. This product goes on clear and dries quickly to form a beautiful, natural looking tan without the effects of the sun. It is very subtle and light, with a vibrant and aluminizing essence. This amazing product lasts up to 2 weeks. The best thing about this product is that it works with your skins natural protein providing an array of vitamins and nutrients. If you purchase this product from Sephora, it ships for free. If you are looking for an artificial tan that is natural and provides a color that is natural, you definitely want to purchase this product.


2. Lash Fusion Micro Technology Pure Protein Lash Plump. I first discovered Lash Fusion when I was searching for a mascara and came across reviews for this product. I was so impressed, I went straight to Sephora and purchased it. Formulated with hydrolyzed keratin, this amazing lash product is ultimately worth your inquiry. It allows your eyelashes to gain health, as well as, maintain health. The lashes are lengthened using revolutionary ingredients. This amazing mascara product comes in “black” and “black/brown”. To be honest, out of the many mascara products I have tried, this is definitely one of the best out there.

…and the top 3 Fusion Beauty must-have is…

*drum roll*

1. Lip Fusion XL Lip Plumper. I absolutely love this product just as derma roller amazon. I first discovered this product when I received it as a gift from one of my friends. She said to me “I know Sarah, your lips are full enough, but you have to try this product” and I must say that my lips swelled up, after using this product. This is incredibly wonderful, as it provides a hydration without being sticky and uncomfortable on the lips. The tingle is light and subtle and doesn’t irritate or burn the lips. As this brilliant lip plumping product plumps your lips, it conditions them. Fusion Beauty has become internationally know because of this product, making it the best Fusion Beauty must-have. If you are looking for a great, quality lip plumping product that actually does live up to it’s promise, Lip Fusion XL would be it.

Panasonic 8-Microphone Speakerphone with Caller ID




The Panasonic 8-microphone speakerphone with caller ID is definitely one of the better purchases you can make for an office. This phone is a little over the top for the average home and should truly be used in an office conference room. I have used this in a conference room and I can speak from experience when I say that it is the best buy for the money when it comes to large conference rooms. I will begin my product review on the Panasonic 8-microphone speakerphone with a user rating system, which I derived from personal experience and the specifications. Next, I will provide you with the immersive sound Panasonic 8 microphone speakerphone’s specifications, dimensions, and features, allowing you to be fully prepared before going into the store. Finally, I will conclude my product review with my personal final thoughts and an estimated price range.

User Friendly: 5/5

Abilities: 5/5

Sound: 5/5

Size: 4/5

Overall: 4.75/5


The Panasonic 8-microphone speakerphone with caller ID comes with a two-year limited warranty for the parts and labor, allowing a company to be completely secure in their purchase. It has a height of 2.5 inches and a width of 11 inches. The total depth of the unit is 11 inches. The weight of the phone is 5.1 pounds. It has a name and number memory of 100 contacts. The phone offers a full digital duplex, which reduces the chance of echo in the background and a dropout call. It has a crystal clear sound quality. It has Neodymium speakers that are of the best quality and deliver perfect high definition sound, which is remarkable! I know from experience that the caller ID is easy to use and has a display on the top of the unit with an LCD that glows. It records the last 50 calls, allowing you to go back and find a call from a few times ago, which does come in handy when you least expect it.


The Panasonic 8-microphone speakerphone with caller ID is a perfect phone for an office conference room. I have been using it for years. It provides great quality for a reasonable price, though it is a little high. I have been very happy with my purchase and never had any problems with it whatsoever. I highly recommend it!

Estimated Price

Go into the store expecting to pay approximately $600.


All the information for this article came from the user manual and personal experiences.

Drupal Content Management System


Recently I decided to develop a community driven website. This just means that members/users of my website will be able to produce content, vote on content/polls and make site decisions. I decided to use a Content Management System (CMS) to keep things easy and, since I’m on a budget, it had to be affordable so I am fortunatr I got the service of asp .net cms. After test driving several, I decided to go with Drupal.
What is Drupal?


Drupal is an open source web content management system, which means that it’s a completely free way to set up and manage your web site. That fit perfectly into my budget. The only expense then is the price of hosting. Drupal runs with PHP programming, so it’s important to make sure the web host you choose is reliable and offers plenty of Mysql database space as well as storage space. Drupal uses quite a bit of space for its core functionality and you’re probably going to use more for adding on modules and themes. Modules are extras that are added onto the core to increase functionality. Themes are just “skins” that change the look of the site.

For Site Configuration

Site owners and administrators will love the backend of Drupal. Setting up the look of your site is as easy as deciding what to put on the sidebars. The content is arranged by blocks, which consist of a header, content, sidebars, and footer. These blocks are the core. You can add blocks to these, as well as subtract blocks. [Note: I don’t recommend taking off the core blocks. You could disable your site] To configure the page you decide where you want key features- login, navigation, links, recent content, etc. – by choosing from drop down menus and assigning them numbers. For example, for “user login” you could choose “right-sidebar” and “-10”. That would place the login at the very top of the page (the smallest numbers “float” to the top). You would then decide which components you want in the sidebars and assign their placement the same way. After you’ve determined the look (blocks) you may want to increase usability (modules).

For Function and Usability

Drupal comes with the ability for site members to create their own blogs, stories, pages, forums, and polls. They can form groups for project collaboration. With added modules, users can rate content up (to put on the front page) or down (to take off the front page). They can have a “buddy list” and subscribe to their buddies’ content. Commerce sites can add shopping carts, check outs, a FAQ and have customer support forums. For sites with a lot of professional jargon there is a glossary add-on so that newcomers can understand what’s being said. If there are more questions than can be easily answered, there’s a wiki module that will add a page similar to Wikipedia. For the community driven websites, there are modules that allow users to determine if content or comments are trollish and users can be given the power to erase the offensive material.

Site owners and administrators can set configurations and permissions to allow any or none of these. You can do this by creating user roles for members and assigning them special rights. For instance, you may need a site moderator to help with behind the scenes tasks. You would create the user role “moderator” and assign the permissions based on what your needs are- such as “administer users”, “edit stories”, or “administer login”, among many others. You would then determine such things as registration requirements- can a new user start posting right away or do they need approval. Would you rather prospective members email you for permission first? You can do that and then set up their account for them. You set comment configurations to determine if you allow anonymous users or not. You can determine a point system where users must earn a specific amount of points to receive certain permissions, such as adding their own links. By the way, the point system is good for contests as well. You can determine what kind of content is seen on the front page, which is good if you need a static page that describes a particular product. You can find all of these modules and more on

Support for Your CMS

Because Drupal is open source software there is no unified technical support available. They do have user generated handbooks and help nodes where you can find some answers, such as the basics for setting up your CMS. However, the best help is located in the forums. A search of the forums will most likely bring up many possible solutions to any problems you’ve run into with your installation. If you have a problem that hasn’t already been answered, then you can post in the forums. You should make your post as detailed as possible- include your software version number, what specific issues you have and what you’ve done to try to resolve those issues. When posting in the forums, always remember to follow the guidelines and be polite and patient. If you follow proper protocol you’ll see an answer to your problem in no time.

Make Your Site Rock

Drupal CMS is the way to go for a site that is user friendly, functional, and affordable. The only thing standing in your way for an awesome website is a good host and imagination. Drupal definitely stands out from the crowd of web content management systems.

A New Age of Hyper-Deflation Due to Excesses of Computer Power?


The title of this article “Hyper-deflation” is pure BS designed only to get your attention? No it is not. There have been periods of actual documented Hyper-deflation in history. Hyperinflation is better understood sometimes. Lots of people see the possibility of hyper inflation arriving anytime because of excess indebtedness of government and the mad printing of paper currency. True Hyper inflation is a relatively rare event. One of the best examples of course is the German hyper inflation prior to world war II that destabilized that country. Often forgotten is the problem Germany had paying post war reparations extracted from them in a treaty following the war. Other recent hyperinflation were Zimbabwe and the One in Yugoslavia as the country broke up after hardliner Tito died. Hyper inflation is genuinely an out of control government paper money printing press every time. There have been other types of inflation including gold inflation when too much gold is on the market at at one time the commodity price cannot sustain it self and if gold is at that time the medium of exchange then it is subject to it’s own inflation. If suddenly a gold mountain was discovered somewhere on earth with twice as many ounces of the metal than are already being hoarded and it is quickly mined then we would have a precipitous decline in gold price. If gold is the money then it would be the exact same thing as paper currency inflation.
Hyper-deflation is a very type of event without too many examples in recent history. Hyper deflation occurs in unsettling times mostly due not to economic collapse because of the installation of socialist policies but because of mass population declines. Deflationary pressures by themselves are not very rare at all. If gold is a currency and goes up in value against other world currencies in circulation than it may actually be in a deflationary period . That has everything to do with relative scarcity and escalating demand. In a paper money deflation the paper money should also have augmented value which translates to better purchasing power. A dollar can buy more or much much more in a hyper deflationary period.

The best documented case of a hyper deflationary period comes from not the collapse of ancient Rome after the city was sacked because then you could argue that the economy or the Latin economy disappeared with the treasure of the city that was left being carried off by vandals. That would suggest an inflationary period verses a deflationary one. It would be depending on types of goods and services and the level of the dislocation of markets to allow for commerce. The best example of hyper-deflation come from the black death period of time in Europe when roughly 40% of the population or more disappeared from plague.

Hyper-deflation was of course only a temporary phenomenon. Some parts of Europe and Asia experience a mortality rate as high as the plagues responsible for the post Colombian new world die off. Europe during the time of the black death had a relatively finite supply of money because at the time gold was the primary medium of exchange. Prior to the plague population growth was robust which translates into more gold being found and put into circulation just because there were so many people having to work with a larger percentage that would be mining or looking to find gold where ever it could naturally be found. Pre plague higher populations meant more demand for land to grow crops and produce food , larger domestic animal populations to feed a larger working growing population and high costs for shelter because of the high cost of shelter and the general scarcity. Most people were employed in agriculture than would have been in any building trades during those times. Fuel to heat homes would have come mostly from wood to burn fires with and in winter that would have been a significant part of the economy considering that in Europe the wood would have to be gathered, harvests and then transported to areas where needed. Energy for heating and cooking had some of the same types of costs that energy has in today’s economy. Horse power was exactly that back then and depended on the number of horses , donkeys and cattle that could do that sort of work. When the black death mass die off of humans started to happen the work of larger populations and years of greater productivity left a landscape of excessively lower prices. There were empty houses, unworked farms, livestock without masters running wild.

All the gold silver and other metals in circulation as money was more money than could be used to justify higher prices or any sort of inflationary pressure. Hoards of gold would have been easy to find in a finders keepers world with no need for much security because of all the excess. People who survived the epidemic found easy pickings of everything of value that was left. Hyper-deflation set in. Stocks of food that might be preserved like salted fish would be less expensive at least until the supplies started to run down from lack of future. The period of time for a total collapse in prices would have been an enduring phenomenon that could last generations. A lot of basic necessities were suddenly available in greater supply with a much reduced population. Less people and more wealth of the years of previous wealth creation left a temporary bonanza of supply all except for labor which would eventually be the undoing of the state of economic hyper-deflation. Before the black death a small piece of gold would have had a lot of value. After the epidemic a lot of gold would have had meaningless purchasing power. It would have been consolidated and hoarded as would have been empty estates and houses. The black death survivors were in an enviable economic situation by any means of looking at it. Experiencing hyper -deflation would seem to be a bit like hyper inflation because gold the grand old currency would not be in the same state of scarcity as it has been before the plague without a considerable higher level of hoarding.. Horse power available per person would also be significantly up. Feed stocks to feed horses might not necessarily be down since there is natural forage. Meat and milk consumption probably increased per capita with lower costs and less demand. Plenty of gold lying around to lead to lower prices if gold was even initially accepted at all. It would not become completely irrelevant rather just an other over stocked already produced commodity. There is no indication from historic records that the plague resulted in fatter people. A lot of the population remained sick or weakened , disabled, lack of adequate numbers of people resulted in crop failures and fields not being able to be harvested. Hyperinflations was uneven among the various commodities, A surplus of dead bodies was good for nothing. There was even a hyper deflation of religion at the time with many empty churches of little use without populations to come to mass. Hyper deflation was pretty much the consequence of natural history with the epidemic sweeping though and culling the population to the extreme.. Images of the black death were recorded by artists as the apocalypse having passed over Europe with big dose of faith being questioned. Images of the rich being spared no more than the poor were another common theme. The theme was mass death and a barren landscape that would have initially been unlikely in the hyper deflation that occurred.

How does this kind of destruction by natural causes relate to Moore’s law and excess computing power? Computers don’t kill people except in 2001 clone films. What computers are doing is expanding productivity especially in services that expresses itself in a geometric progression. Services that used to cost a lot of money can now be duplicated with remote custom entry order parameters at no cost on the Internet. The cost is less than buying the cheapest computer that can connect to the network. An example of services that cost a lot less than they used to are found in everything from online banking, brokerage, auctions, communications including the ability to make free telephone calls online and tax preparation without an accountant or CPA. Expansion of free and near free services online is a tremendous transformation of the economy which mimics the effects of a deadly epidemic in making in making for hyper deflationary conditions. Computers are one thing that can cause deflation as we have never seen it before and it is not just in services but in also being able to conserve resources by not wasting them. We see sites online like Craigslist and other free classified ad boards more efficiently than ever recycling goods so that instead of being trashed they get reused either given away for free or sold at a more reasonable price than having to produce it new. That may not necessarily stop factories from producing more new items although computers do help control inventory by immediate point of sales reporting programs. Like the horse power analogy increasing in the time of the black death epidemic or fire wood becoming more available, computers are helping to prevent waste and send supplies to areas in the economy where the they fetch the highest prices. Less waste can mean the conservation of a larger supply of goods than can be consumed just due to lack of waste. When hyper deflation sets in production does become a form of waste since the deflation shows down consumption. No lack of supply of goods and services is not good for higher prices even if there is an excess of money being saved in the economy. Computers maybe making everything too efficient and too productive. One even notices that people don’t have to use as much fuel in machines to transport themselves because they can sit at home and visit shops, libraries and museums without ever having to get get out of a chair. That leads to more commodities being at least temporarily over produced. Demand does not have to collapse for supply to become at least temporarily a sort of free lunch while it lasts. Blaming deflationary pressures on computers may sound silly until you see the strange new phenomenon of the etf market with commodity hoarding exchange traded hoarded commodities. Hoarded commodities held for financial security purposes are savings not being consumed which only make massive multi billion dollar reserve funds of gold or silver etc indication of pent up supply that will at some point be unloaded with deflationary effects. Some people see 80 plus billion dollars in gold sitting in a gold etf as proof of inflation where as others worry it harbinger of deflation that will come. If a million of investors are sitting on a multi billion dollar reserve of gold for their retirement spending and they reach retirement at about the same age then a lot of gold hoarded will need to be spent at the same time others will have to be unloading as cash. High commodity prices due to hoarding is a bad sign if you are counting on inflation to prevent an economic melt down.

The raging debate over the prospects of the economy going into a deflationary spiral verses those voting for an super inflationary cycle by buying gold is unavoidable in the financial media including odd ball theories including that in personal blogs and from the Austrian School of Economics.

Universally accessible computer power is changing the world faster than most of us can consider the possible longer term consequences. It is creating a deflationary environment for a variety of reasons including better information on how, when , what and where to produce to satisfy demand as instantaneously as possible. When competitors have the same access to that information they all may find themselves misallocating resources by over producing. The computers can all be tweaked to consider factoring in what the competition may be doing with a prisoners dilemma algorithm but that would be considered anti competitive , perhaps against anti trust laws and maybe just as counter productive for the economy as big stupid government interference and over regulation. If the results are the same as government price controls there would not be too much sense in limiting production. An entire economy running with super efficiency in all aspects and types of production would be ever more prone to over production. over production is a sort of wealth that cannot be dismissed. Imagine the people actually having their way and destroying new homes built in the housing bubble just to reduce supply so builders could hire more employees again to build new homes. That would be stupid as stupid gets yet there were actual economists making the argument that destroying housing stock was the solution . What would be wrong with society over producing homes and the price going down so the affordability went up for a lot more people who previously could not afford to buy homes in the housing bubble folly years?

Ubiquitous computer power is preventing people from making the old sorts of mistakes in business they used to under estimating the competition. Universally improving productivity may lead to a higher productive net yield. which can mean lower and lower prices. Computers have opened a real globalism in direct international communication which brings in the lowest cost competition where ever it exists and pits it against the competition with any added transportation costs. That can add to an ethos of deflation that feeds on itself because there may always be a cheaper source for goods and services as communications expand international contact. Computer power is making many services much cheaper with no direct human contact required in many fields.
This has the effect of over production of those goods. All of this as it now seems to be happening may ultimately reverse itself once limits of computing power are reached or at the point when excess freedom from having to work because automated machines can do it all for us backfires and has us all working for the machines.

Computers are becoming the markets and the market place and that is possibly increasing investor efficiency in allocating capital to viable business ventures which somehow leads to over production. Could computers really cause a hyper-deflation in an economy. Maybe. will take longer to find out… will take a lot more computer experience.

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Already Available Asthma Medications FDA Orders Trials


These clinical trails will consist of 53,000 patients for testing of the safety of a controversial class of inhaled asthma medications in which are already available for purchase. These medications are known as long-acting beta-agonists (LABAs) when used with inhaled steroids, a different class of asthma drugs, this according to the FDA as of Friday.
The medications to be studied are Symbicort by AstraZeneca, Advair Diskus by GlaxoSmithKline, Dulera by Merck amp; Company and Fordail by Novartis AG.

For a very long time these drugs have been under the watchful eye of the FDA as they can add to the risk of severely making asthma symptoms worse which can end up in hospitalizations and even death.

These medications work by relaxing the muscles of the airway to aide people in breathing easier and are also used as a treatment for serious lung conditions and COPD.

These studies are start later this year as the FDA is expecting results in 2017.

Among the four trails requested by the FDA, each of the LABAs along with a corticosteroid will be compared to using just a steroid . The patients will be 12 years of age and older with those studies expecting to include a total of 46,800 patients.

A few of the drugs such as Advair and Symbicort are combination drugs that do include a LABA with a corticosteroid.

The FDA is also requiring a trail consisting of 6,200 young patients age range four to eleven years old using the Advair Diskus.

According to Morning Star analyst Damien Conover these immense size trials indicates the FDA wants to be positively sure about the safety profiles of these medications which are vastly used.

A large study like this one could present several financial challenges for the manufactures of these drugs.

Lisa Behrens, spokesperson for Glaxo has commented that Glaxo is complying with the FDA request.

AstraZeneca also comments that it was finalizing the studies protocol with the FDA and supports the effort to answer any questions regarding use of its medication Symbicort.

Novartis who manufactures Fordail has stated they are reviewing the post marketing requirements given by the FDA and Merck is expected to have a comment shortly.

Just last June the FDA had issued warnings on LABAs stating these medications should never be used solely in the treatment of asthma and had called upon drug manufactures to hold further studies in order to more fully understand the safety of LABAs when used in combination with inhaled steroids.

The requirements for this massive study can be viewed on the website of the FDA, on page Drugs and Safety.

Approximately 34.1 million Americans have been diagnosed with asthma in their lifetime by a health care practitioner. Around 9 million children under the age of 18 years have been diagnosed with asthma.

With the ever growing increasing concern over asthma medications many people are turning to alternative therapies to aide in control of their asthma among them is many parents who children have asthma and do not wish to have their child exposed to the medications which carry numerous side effects among them making asthma symptoms worse. For mothers, they better do major research like checing out reviews (check out the one I made for vitamin c serum for face reviews)

A few noted alternative treatments include:


Several studies have been conducted using chiropractic care and the treatment of asthma. In one trial conducted in Australia involving 420 patients average adult age of 46.

Dr. Ray Hayek who had conducted the trial had reported that the group of patients who had undergone chiropractic spinal manipulations had shown significant improvement in asthma symptoms. Regular chiropractic adjustments have also been demonstrated to improve children’s asthmatic symptoms which have included higher quality of life and less severe attacks.

Chinese Medicine

Shonihari an acupuncture treatment is used to treat asthma in children. Mainly due to the fact it is needle free, adults may also use this treatment. This treatment involves several metal implements in which gently stimulates the meridians and acupuncture points to move the qi where it is blocked and strengthens it where it has become weak.



Station 1450 WHTC

American Academy of Allergy, Asthma amp; Immunology

Chiropractic Community

Center for Integrative Health and Healing

Dreamweaver: An Must-have for Those Learning Web Design



I own and operate a large variety of websites. Some of them are based on my own personal interests and hobbies, while others are websites that I created for friends and family members. I haven’t always been very web-savvy, but I did what most people do and started from the ground up. It can be easy to jump into a content management system like Joomla or Drupal, but without a basic knowledge of html, you’ll never be able to truly customize your websites. I always recommend that new web designers invest in a copy of Dreamweaver.
About Dreamweaver
Dreamweaver, produced by Adobe, is the leading web design software used in both professional and educational settings. Dreamweaver is available for Windows computers and Mac computers although users will need to make sure to purchase the correct version for their operating system. Dreamweaver can be expensive, running just shy of $400 for the full version, but Adobe offers a free 30-day trial so that users can test the software out before making such a large investment.

Dreamweaver highlights
One of the best things about Dreamweaver is that it caters to all users, whether they are just starting out or are advanced and experienced with web design. Dreamweaver is well laid out, and the help section is very detailed, allowing users to learn how to use the software fairly quickly. There are countless tutorials available on the web to help users further their Dreamweaver skills.

Dreamweaver is very user friendly, and users c an design their website just by looks (clicking, dragging, typing, moving, etc) or they can create their website using coding. The best part, however, is the ability of the user to view both. By viewing both the code and visual appearance of the site, users are more likely to learn and catch on to the code rather than just operating based on looks alone. Many digital marketing agencies use this technique.

Lastly, Dreamweaver has the ability to connect directly to your webhost and update your website files as you change them via a built in ftp client. This makes updating and changing your website a breeze. There isn’t a need to use a separate ftp client, or login to the backend of your website. You can simply click a button to update your entire website after modifying your files.

Dreamweaver may be expensive, but if you plan on working with web design a lot, then it is the absolute best program to learn with.

Where to Find Writing Jobs Online

Need a writing job? Are you a little tired of turning out articles for the same old sites day in and day out? Well, then you definitely need to find a listing of current writing jobs. When you daily check the writing job sites, you may be able to find something a little more creative than what you are doing now. I have ventured from article writing to partake in book reviewing, television recap writing, and keyword article writing. Expanding your writing horizon will not only give you a better looking resume, but it will also help you to keep fresh and not get bored. You can expect to find jobs like ghostwriting, grant writing, e-book writing, and article writing in a different field than you are use to. You may also find some fun writing positions under blog writing and review writing.

Before You Look: There are two things that every freelance writer should be cautious of before they go in search of writing jobs online. The first is that you should not pay for listings. The only exception if it is from a trustworthy site such as and the price is yearly. Paying a set fee every month when you are not guaranteed to find work is a foolish move of any writer. People should be paying you to write. I think there are enough listings, even hospitality jobs london content gigs, to find writing jobs online without having to pay a single dime. The second thing you should beware of is bad listings. Usually these writing jobs are posted on sites that anyone can post on. Even though the site is trustworthy and tries its best to keep out bad ads, there still are some. Usually, if it sounds too good to be true or does not have detailed information or a website, an eyebrow should be raised. The best writing jobs to apply for are ones that offer background information about their company, offer thorough information about what kind of writer they need, and then add a site to check or an email to reach them at.

The Sites: To find writing jobs online, I usually stick to two main sources. There are of course many more out there, but this has worked for me. The first site is It is the baby of, which may also have additional job sites. At this site, you are less likely to find a scam then on the next site I will tell you about. is split into sections: high paying, low paying, non-paying, and a couple more. You may be surprised to find wonderful writing opportunities in the non-paying section. Usually the non-paying and low paying are the most added to.
The next site I visit regularly for online writing jobs is (Be careful, mistyping this can lead you to a porn site). You can find the jobs under your city or the option of “anywhere”. After that, you should then see a link that will take you to writing jobs. You may also want to look under creative jobs for related work. What is so great about these sites is that they are free to use and you do not even have to sign up! Some other sites I have not tried are,, and

Emo Girl

She wasn’t really that beautiful. She wore glasses, she was small, the heck, she wasn’t even sexy! But then again, I’m not really the type of person who would fall for just good looks alone. It has always been my personal belief that sexy women are just fun to ogle at but not really fun to be a girlfriend.

WHY I FELL IN LOVE WITH HER: We share the same passion for books. We would talk hours and hours about our favorite books. I usually borrow a lot of her books before. We also share the same passion for writing.  She is very funny. Funny in a way that only I can understand. We had several long conversations together and it was something that I really enjoyed about her.


HOW I CONFESSED MY LOVE: love letter. To be honest, it was the most disgusting thing that I have ever written in my entire life. It was in 2nd year that I confessed my love to her. I actually forgot the stuff that I wrote there. Probably a string of disgusting cheesy lines that I am so happy to forget.

HOW SHE REPLIED TO MY CONFESSION: In response to my disgusting love letter, she stopped talking to me and then she got into several relationships with other blokes from other sections. Boys with pea-brains, savage cavemen who have never held a book in their entire lives. It’s actually funny to watch how she struggled to teach one her boyfriends to read Neil Gaiman novels, an author whose writing style is too complicated for an idiot like that guy. Well, she ended up being with this cool expert on hosting ranking and I am dumbfounded.


HOW IT ENDED: Well, we grew up, we parted our own ways, and just minded our own business, I guess. But until now, I’m still hurt about what happened. Although, I’m a little bit happy that her relationship never went well, a tinge of guilt still resides my heart. Somehow I hate myself because I didn’t use the right words and the proper medium to express my love to her. Maybe there were a lot of grammatical errors that’s why she got turned off.  I never know, and sometimes, I wish I knew.

A blogger friend


Gina has the job a 20-something lady would probably envy. She’s not confined in a fixed 9-5pm job, she could work at the comforts of her home, or enjoy a free travel package in Bali, Paris or New York, wear clothes from top brands, and got to have an equally stylish sister at her back while she rises in her own spotlight. “I love my jobmy friend says with delight. Considered as one of the most-followed fashion bloggers today. This lady’s roots on fashion started when she was 15 years old, starting off as an intern for a magazine, and gaining exposure to the field she’s most interested in. She had also landed a few acting and modeling stints before finally focusing on her passion.


“It just snowballed from there,” the petite blogger recalls as she details the steps she took to get to where she is today. “You start off posting and blogging about the things you love. Eventually, when you gain the following,” Gina

says. She adds, “You transition posting about brands and destinations. Then you start influencing and inspiring people to buy them.” This woman, whose style is a fusion of chic and classy,  also get to collaborate with big brands, as well as entrepreneurs (mostly only shops), to advertise their products. Her passion for blogging has got her jetting into different countries, bumping shoulders with fashion icons and brand executives as they talk on possible collaborations and projects.

“We get a lot of free stuff and I get to work with my favorite brands! I love it!” the

She also adds, “I must say, it’s a very fun job! I also get to travel for free!”

She also said she loves tech stuff and doodling in her tabvlet or discovering new stuff like product reviews and gadget reviews like nas server test. nStarts off her day with answering e-mails from her clients and readers, doing a blog post, then attend events and photo shoots—and all these, she does either at the seaside, in Angkor Wat, or at the streets of Tokyo. She says still would want to create my own dreams and goals in the fashion industry. “We have very different jobs even if we’re in the same industry, so I think we actually help each other,” she says, noting that she also likes to create her own book, just like her sister’s.

“I would love to have my own book in the future, but I’d want to create more experiences in the fashion industry and blogging so I can share more knowledge with my readers in the future,” Gina says. And sure to her word, this lady never stops growing as she continues learning from about craft. In her every travels and as she meets people while on the road, Gina does not forget to dig deeper and know more about the culture, and how she could incorporate fashion to her every backdrop. And through her constant learning, Gina aims are also to empower the young through her work.

She adds, “On my blog, I always tell them to experiment with the way they dress until they find their personal style. Because if you find your personal style, you’ll gain confidence and it’ll show.” And with a pool of impressive fashion bloggers with have otfay, the lady still stands out because of her distinct, edgy vibe—style that is uniquely hers.