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Backpack Review: Gregory Z55 Backpack


A quality backpack is one of the most important pieces of equipment you need when hitting the trail. The Gregory Z55 is a top-loading backpack that also offers side access. You can find this pack for an average price of $200. Let’s take a look at some of the features offered by the Gregory Z55 backpack.
The Gregory Z55, which is available in three sizes, is able to carry up to 35 pounds of equipment. The backpack is designed to distribute weight evenly, with most of the load being transferred to your hips. The Gregory Z55 is perfect for using on multiple-day trips or just when you need an ultra-lightweight backpack fromĀ thepnw.co. The medium-sized pack offers a capacity of 3,350 cubic inches.


The Gregory Z55 is constructed from high-tenacity fabrics. These fabrics offers more protection against tears and abrasions. You will also like the fact that the fabrics used to make the Gregory Z55 are lightweight.

This backpack offers plenty of storage space. The pocket on the front, which offers convenient access, can expand so that you can store bulkier gear. This front pocket is also equipped with an addition zippered pocket so you can protect items from the weather. The front, side, and lid zippers are all water-resistant. The pack also offers mesh pockets on the waist belt for storing small items such as sunscreen or gel.

The Gregory Z55 backpack also features load-lifter and sternum straps. These straps are designed to offer more stability during your travels. Also, the harness system on the Gregory Z55 is flexible, so that you can easily match the angle of your shoulders.

The Gregory Z55 has a perforated framesheet that is covered with a mesh backpanel. This enhances airflow and helps to wick away moisture so that you’re comfortable while using the backpack. The Gregory Z55 is also equipped with an integrated sleeve and exit port so that you can attach a hydration system to the pack.

If you need a quality backpack for your adventures, then you should consider investing in the Gregory Z55. This backpack is constructed with lightweight and high-tenacity fabrics that help protect against abrasions and tears. Also, the Gregory Z55 is equipped with a flexible harness system so that you can adjust it to match the angle of your shoulders. The integrated sleeve and exit port also allow you to attach a hydration system.

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