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The Right Day Care Center for Your Children


Caring for toddlers is quite different from caring for babies. They need the same loving and firm care, but they need a much larger place to play as they learn some of the basics of living. Schoolteachers say that preschools are best when they avoid teaching specific subjects and instead teach attitudes that encourage learning. The teachers appreciate children who have been taught to listen, who aren’t afraid to ask questions, who have a lengthening attention span, and who can sit still for a period of time. They also want children to respect the property and rights of other children and the school materials.Toddlers do not need schooling in the academic sense. Their education should cover learning to play and eat with a group, following directions, taking turns and sharing, learning to handle success and failure, obeying authority. Activities should encourage creativity and cooperation, joy and curiosity. Some activities could prepare toddlers for school, but in a very low-key way. Preschools have essential resting or nap times, and parents can help teachers at Teddy Kids Kinderdagverblijf with this part of the day by having the child observe a similar quiet time on weekends. Tell a child that she doesn’t have to sleep, she only has to pretend to sleep. (Most pretenders fall asleep.)
Preschoolers should understand the basic vocabulary used in interacting with others. These words are: yes, no, maybe, please, thank you, now, later, today, tomorrow, come, stay, sit, help, ask, tell, share, give, follow, quiet, pick up, left, right, hello, good-bye, red, yellow, blue, green. I f all children understood the meaning of these thirty words, the school room would be a happier, more efficient learning place! Avoid the school that is pushing a child out of his playtime years. Learning in-advance-of-need often brings on academic burn-out later-and it also means that time has not been spent teaching the basic skills of coordination and socialization.

Learning motor skills, practicing eye-hand coordination, and recognizing similar objects, are more essential for toddlers than attempts to learn to read. The joy of simple accomplishments, patience when things seem difficult, and a sense of success and self-esteem are more important than academic achievements.Before deciding on the school, be sure to ask how children are treated when they misbehave. Although children can live with various methods of discipline (isolation, deprivation), the different methods should not conflict. They should all respect the child’s dignity and intelligence.Some care-givers may not have sufficient child development training to handle discipline effectively. Unfortunately, people who work in day-care are among the poorest paid in the United States.

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