Dreamweaver: An Must-have for Those Learning Web Design



I own and operate a large variety of websites. Some of them are based on my own personal interests and hobbies, while others are websites that I created for friends and family members. I haven’t always been very web-savvy, but I did what most people do and started from the ground up. It can be easy to jump into a content management system like Joomla or Drupal, but without a basic knowledge of html, you’ll never be able to truly customize your websites. I always recommend that new web designers invest in a copy of Dreamweaver.
About Dreamweaver
Dreamweaver, produced by Adobe, is the leading web design software used in both professional and educational settings. Dreamweaver is available for Windows computers and Mac computers although users will need to make sure to purchase the correct version for their operating system. Dreamweaver can be expensive, running just shy of $400 for the full version, but Adobe offers a free 30-day trial so that users can test the software out before making such a large investment.

Dreamweaver highlights
One of the best things about Dreamweaver is that it caters to all users, whether they are just starting out or are advanced and experienced with web design. Dreamweaver is well laid out, and the help section is very detailed, allowing users to learn how to use the software fairly quickly. There are countless tutorials available on the web to help users further their Dreamweaver skills.

Dreamweaver is very user friendly, and users c an design their website just by looks (clicking, dragging, typing, moving, etc) or they can create their website using coding. The best part, however, is the ability of the user to view both. By viewing both the code and visual appearance of the site, users are more likely to learn and catch on to the code rather than just operating based on looks alone. Many digital marketing agencies use this technique.

Lastly, Dreamweaver has the ability to connect directly to your webhost and update your website files as you change them via a built in ftp client. This makes updating and changing your website a breeze. There isn’t a need to use a separate ftp client, or login to the backend of your website. You can simply click a button to update your entire website after modifying your files.

Dreamweaver may be expensive, but if you plan on working with web design a lot, then it is the absolute best program to learn with.

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