Where to Find Writing Jobs Online

Need a writing job? Are you a little tired of turning out articles for the same old sites day in and day out? Well, then you definitely need to find a listing of current writing jobs. When you daily check the writing job sites, you may be able to find something a little more creative than what you are doing now. I have ventured from article writing to partake in book reviewing, television recap writing, and keyword article writing. Expanding your writing horizon will not only give you a better looking resume, but it will also help you to keep fresh and not get bored. You can expect to find jobs like ghostwriting, grant writing, e-book writing, and article writing in a different field than you are use to. You may also find some fun writing positions under blog writing and review writing.

Before You Look: There are two things that every freelance writer should be cautious of before they go in search of writing jobs online. The first is that you should not pay for listings. The only exception if it is from a trustworthy site such as Writersdigest.com and the price is yearly. Paying a set fee every month when you are not guaranteed to find work is a foolish move of any writer. People should be paying you to write. I think there are enough listings, even hospitality jobs london content gigs, to find writing jobs online without having to pay a single dime. The second thing you should beware of is bad listings. Usually these writing jobs are posted on sites that anyone can post on. Even though the site is trustworthy and tries its best to keep out bad ads, there still are some. Usually, if it sounds too good to be true or does not have detailed information or a website, an eyebrow should be raised. The best writing jobs to apply for are ones that offer background information about their company, offer thorough information about what kind of writer they need, and then add a site to check or an email to reach them at.

The Sites: To find writing jobs online, I usually stick to two main sources. There are of course many more out there, but this has worked for me. The first site is online-writing-jobs.com It is the baby of freelancewriters.com, which may also have additional job sites. At this site, you are less likely to find a scam then on the next site I will tell you about. Online-writing-jobs.com is split into sections: high paying, low paying, non-paying, and a couple more. You may be surprised to find wonderful writing opportunities in the non-paying section. Usually the non-paying and low paying are the most added to.
The next site I visit regularly for online writing jobs is Craiglist.org (Be careful, mistyping this can lead you to a porn site). You can find the jobs under your city or the option of “anywhere”. After that, you should then see a link that will take you to writing jobs. You may also want to look under creative jobs for related work. What is so great about these sites is that they are free to use and you do not even have to sign up! Some other sites I have not tried are elance.com, mediabistro.com, and journalismjobs.com.

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