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FIlipinos are known for having the longest celebration of Christmas in the world. As soon as the BER months start, so are the preparations for the holidays. And one of the most consuming in terms of time, effort, and thought is the process of choosing the right gift for the loved ones. While it is tempting to revert to the traditional picks, keep in mind that many of these gifts -although they can give happiness for a few days – are most likely just going to sit somewhere in the house over time and lose value as the days pass. So instead of giving the same gifts as usual this Christmas, consider giving a gift that will last beyond the holiday season. Choose financial gifts that have the ability to increase in value over time. Listed below are some of the example gifts that you can give your loved ones that could make them smile even after the 12 days of Christmas.


Wine and Spirits

A lot will agree that a celebration is not a celebration if there is no wine nor any kind of liquor. But for this holiday season, give your loved one a bottle of wine not for consumption but for investment. Serious wine investment means buying whole cases and keeping it in “bonded” storage to maintain its value – meaning you’ll be handing over a certificate, rather than a bottle on Christmas Day. However, if you don’t have the budget to buy a whole case, it is also possible to buy individual bottles that will gain in value. Just do some research or visit Wine Spectator and Winedoctor to find out which wines are the most in demand. You can give this as a gift on weddings too (by the way, if you are a best man in a wedding, my friend Adrian Simpson can help you with some writings. Check out his website)


Spirits, on the other hand, is also a good alternative for small investors. Whisky is rapidly becoming one of the most sought after spirits and by choosing a good bottle and aging it properly, the returns can be quite good. Just make sure to do some serious research first especially if you are a newbie in this area.


Art Pieces

Giving a good piece of art is the ultimate rejection of throwaway Christmas consumerism. However, buying original art pieces can be quite expensive, plus knowing which artists make the best investments is notoriously difficult. Good thing the internet has made the whole process much easier nowadays, allowing people even outside the art world to buy prints by leading artists – many of which will at least hold their value and some of which could appreciate over time.  But just like in choosing the right bottle of wine and spirit, buying an art piece also requires research and probably some leg work. Since there are still a few month left before Christmas, consider attending open house art fairs or auctions to learn more about which pieces are worth investing for.



Like art, antiques are good investments that make great gifts especially if you’re the type that wants to give something unique. There are several antique shops in the country that offer different items but of course, the right gift will depend on the interest of the recipient. Antiques can be quite pricey too, especially if you’re considering big items such as furniture. However, there are smaller pieces that also have good investment prospects such as the ‘character dolls’ -those with real expressions on their faces – made in Germany from 1908 through World War I (you may look them up on the internet). You may also consider unique handmade ornaments that were made in the 1900’s. Again, choosing the right antique depends on the person who will receive it so you better start observing the interests of your prospect.


Fine Jewelry

Jewelry, in general, already have great value to begin with. But well chosen jewelry can even increase in value over time. Experts say, however, that if you want to buy a jewelry that retains its value, you should go to one of the big name jewelers such as the Garrard, Asprey or Tiffany. Even if it’s a tiny piece, especially if the box is still intact, the value should hold well.



Yes, you read that right. Vinyl are slowly coming back from the dead. A very unlikely side effect of the internet where everything is just downloadable with the touch of a button, vinyl revolution is gradually attracting more and more music lovers who want to get their hands at permanent, tangible copies of their all-time favorite icons. The rarest versions of the classic albums are highly prized. There are several holes in the walls around the metro that sell old stuff (check out Cubao Expo) and who knows, you might just find a hidden gem in there. But if you don’t have the luxury of time to scout for vinyl, Ebay is home to a very busy vinyl marketplace.


Well there you go! So while it’s still considerably early now, start thinking of that perfect gift this Christmas that best suits not just your loved ones, but even for yourself.

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