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Scooters for Humanity


Recently, I was looking for ideas. I was trying to find ways of creating products that are more environmentally friendly. I found myself here: https://unumotors.com/de/ I have to say that stumbling on this page has helped restore my faith in humanity. It’s a smarter scooter that is custom-built for everybody who orders one. So there’s no mass production, and there is no monotonous, a capitalistic, evil way of wasting resources. As matter fact it’s the exact opposite. Each of these scooters is made to order. I think that that is a remarkable sentence that even be able to say. The fact that this company that produces this product, which the whole industry is used to mass produce and, actually creates each scooter to order. There’s a level of customization, and there is enough time and investment in each of their products that they have implemented this into their business model. In general, their business model is like a typical Transportation industry manufacturers business model has been turned upside down and shook. All of the bad things in other Transportation manufacturers are gone, and replace with things that are way more sustainable and environmentally friendly. I mean this is an electric scooter. You can charge it so easily. It is so much more convenient than having a gas or oil based one. And I think that that is the key to creating a better world. Is actually making it convenient to be responsible. I know that this is not maybe going to happen on a global scale, but I hope that more people pick up on this because this company is becoming very popular. And I think that any company could do so.


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