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4 Myths about app store optimization

4 Myths about app store optimization

Marketers understand that ASO is essential for the success of any app. The app world brings total revenue of $143 billion per year and this means that it is growing by the second. For this reason finding and employing the best app store optimization strategies is the number one factor to ensure that this app will succeed in a very competitive environment. In this article we will highlight the 5 most popular myths about app store optimization:

  1. You need to change your title a lot to appear at the top of the search results:

This is not true. In fact, you should choose one title and stick to it. The title is considered to be the most important piece of the metadata. Surprisingly, some marketers believe that changing their title often by adding new keywords or rephrasing it can make it appear higher in search results. This is wrong because as your app begins to gain popularity, its news will start to spread using the word of mouth. Changing your title often will make it harder to for the word of mouth to spread.

  1. Keywords are not important:

Marketers believe that keywords are important only in the case of SEO and not ASO. While, the importance of keywords is different in both cases, keywords are still very important in ASO and should be used in the title and description. Keywords should be used wisely though and not stuffed in a way that doesn’t make sense.

  1. Ratings are everything:

Ratings are very important but they are not the only factor that affects an app’s ranking. Although apps almost beg users for ratings, the truth is that the ranking of the app is not that much affected by the ratings. A highly ranked app can have a low rating which is not a clear evidence of how successful an app is.

  1. People will find the app as long as it on the store:

Unfortunately this is not true. Your app needs to be downloaded in order to be found. This means that the higher the number of downloads the higher the ranking of the app, which will result in more downloads. For this reason, marketers should always focus on ways to increase the number of downloads of the app. This can be done through the use of different social media platforms and other marketing tools to make the app more popular.


Successful marketers will be able to recognize the myths of app store optimization and what is the right thing to do.



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