Winter all around the world

Winter all around the world

We all have seen how winter looks in different places on Earth no matter if we have ever had the chance to travel there or if we barely were lucky enough to be able to contemplate those winter images from a screen. From snow-covered houses, trees, animals to people enjoying activities such as ice-skating, skiing or winter sports such as bobsleigh; we delight ourselves watching these elements we have related to this season.

Winter art

From all the things that art has depicted, depicts and will depict, one of the best options for artists is to portray winter. No matter if the artwork is about a winter place, a winter symbol –such as a snowflake, a winter sport, activity or habit; the job of an artist is to capture this cold weather moments with the tools they can make use of. A drawer may use a pencil, a painter may use a brush and a set of cold colored paintings, a sculptor may use cold porcelain, etcetera. It does not really matter the technique used, the results can be truly amazing.

Winter photography

Now it is time to talk about another kind of artist: the photographer. He or she does not have pencils, brushes, paints or cold porcelain. This is maybe one of the reasons sometimes photographers are still –and wrongly- not being considered artists although they work with the aid of certain tools. Professional photographers have a camera, and in many cases, accessories to take even better shots. Some of them like to mark their footprints in the white, cold snow while they look for beautiful landscapes that wish to be captured. Wild animals, roses covered in snow, people playing with snowballs and children making snowmen are some examples of the elements that are at the photography professional’s disposal in order to create a piece of graphic art under the wintry sky.

Access to the winter magic

Before the night gets closer, the photographer has taken all the photos he planned to take and he or she is ready to make them ready for all of us to enjoy the magic of photography and winter altogether. With a little help of his or her own talent, the adequate software to edit images and a little inspiration from the season itself, the professional creates a work of art in digital format, which will be later be found if we desire to find the most astonishing winter images.

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